Welcome to our Private Meta-Analysis Course, a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip participants with a concise yet thorough understanding of meta-analysis (via zoom meeting). This month-long course offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Course Fee: IDR 5,000,000

Course Highlights:

During this course, participants will engage in hands-on activities, delving into the intricacies of meta-analysis. The curriculum is structured to facilitate a step-by-step approach to mastering this methodology.

Practical Application:

A distinctive feature of our course is the opportunity for participants to actively apply their knowledge. They will work on a meta-analysis manuscript, selecting a topic aligned with their interests and goals. The practical component spans various stages, including data retrieval, data analysis, data interpretation, and the composition of the manuscript.

Guidance and Mentorship:

Our experienced instructors will provide guidance throughout the course, ensuring participants receive personalized support. From the initiation of data searches to the final stages of manuscript writing, the mentorship extends to cover each critical aspect of the meta-analysis process.

Publication Assistance:

As a culmination of the course, participants will be directed towards the publication of their work in a Scopus-indexed journal. Our mentoring doesn’t conclude until the manuscript achieves acceptance, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey and a tangible outcome for participants.

Embark on this educational venture with us, where theoretical insights seamlessly integrate with practical applications, fostering a robust understanding of meta-analysis. We look forward to guiding you towards mastery in this field and successful publication in a reputable journal.

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